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Data Mining is the process of analyzing data and then summarizing it into valuable information. With the help of data mining software the required information which is collected by experts is analyzed from different perspective. This information extracted is helpful in making wide range of crucial decisions such as increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. Data mining tool acts as the analytical tool for analyzing the data. We are the most trusted providers of Data Mining outsourcing solutions by assisting our customers in making accurate predictions and forecasts by using our top notch Data Mining services. DATA NET JOB has a proven track record of quality Data Mining Service. Our unmatched Data Mining Services are used by almost every industry.
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At DATA NET JOB team of expert work on data mining service to deliver your work on turnkey basis and our services meet the global standards in this competitive market. We help businesses in finding the true value of their data by offering very low cost outsourcing service. We offer world class Data Mining Services and successfully done with hundreds of Data Mining projects. By Slicing and dicing your data allows us to see connections which were always there, but previously invisible to you. Helps in knowing better about your customers, Better information means better decisions! We provide all guidelines before take the projects from us and we also provide proper support during the work and all our support engineers are skillful and try to answers all most all of your queries.
Data Mining Project Details
Nature Of Work Data Mining (Job work will vary)
Project Fee Free
Registration Fee Free
Duration 1 years
Volume of Work Min 100 pages (Max based on individual performance and output.)
Turn Around Time(TAT) 28 days
Delivery of Data Through FTP server
Quality Control Report Within 2 days after submitting work
Payment Min Rs.45 and Max Rs.70 per page
Payment Mode Through Demand Draft only
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A wise business decision -Outsource Data Mining to DATA NET JOB
  • Understand clear business problems and goal
  • Creative, Skilled & Qualified personnel
  • Cost-effective
  • Accurate, effective data mining solution
  • Data is kept secured and confidential
  • Client satisfaction
  • Security, Reliability
  • Work is delivered within TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • Best ROI (Return of investment)
We offer affordable data mining services. By applying the results practically you can make huge difference in your businesses. So, outsourcing this task makes sense for your business—in terms of financial expenditures and other resource allocations.
Why data mining is important for businesses
  • As per company’s requirements it refines and makes the data specific
  • With its ability on allowing instant access it helps in effective economic processing
  • It helps companies in presenting ideas and requirements in a engaging manner
  • It allows companies in cutting down operational cost
  • It Helps You in Making Better Decisions
  • It will take your forecasting efforts to a new level
  • It helps in improving the company’s marketing approach
What Can DATA NET JOB do?
Although data mining is still in its infancy, by using data mining tools and techniques and advantage of historical data we already helped wide range of industries such as retail, finance, health care, manufacturing transportation, and aerospace. The significant facts, relationships, trends, patterns, exceptions and anomalies are recognized by our team that might otherwise go unnoticed. We help businesses in make better business decisions by discovering patterns and relationships in their data. Specific uses of data mining include: Market segmentation, Customer churn, Fraud detection, Direct marketing, Interactive marketing, Market basket analysis and Trend analysis.
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