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We offer a range of a complementary set of document and data capture services. Data capture service involving the manual data entry, OCR (optical character recognition) and images need to convert the resources into digital e-documents and many other types of images and documents capturing available. Starting with our specifications, we can recommend data capturing software and provide our data capturing tools and help you to do the most effective way to capture the data as per requirement. We provide both online data capture work and offline data capture work. Document scanning of bulk data and smaller archives of standard A4/small format data. Scanning drawings, maps, estates information, engineering drawings.
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Secure storage and management of documents and copying, reproduction of microfilm formats, printing/plotting of digitally stored information and other type of data capture work provided to you. We provide all type of data capturing work to you which include the online and offline data capturing work. We support you to provide quality data capture work. We offer this data capture work to you at free of cost. We guide you to get the accurate data from the sources and also help you to get good quality of data. There is huge demand for eligible candidates who can do this Data Capture Job in a well-defined manner. If you are truly interested towards doing such job then apply for this job with us today.
Data Capture Project Details
Nature Of Work Data Capture ( Online / Offline work )
Project Fee Free
Registration Fee Free
Duration Min 2 days Max 1 month
Volume of Work Based on individual performance and output
Turn Around Time(TAT) Min 2 days Max 1 month
Delivery of Data Through FTP server
Quality Control Report Within 10 days after submitting work
Payment Min Rs.500 and Max Rs.10000 per work
Payment Mode Through Demand Draft only
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Knowing the concept of Data Capture Job
Let us take an idea about what exactly is Data Capture. It is basically a job in which the required data is captured with help of tick and check boxes to get the right answer to any question. This type of job is required where there is need for multiple choice answers. It is used to make collection of the best choice answer. Once the answer collection is done the same is extracted in the form of excel files and then it get displayed either in the form of graphs or even pie charts based on the requirement. Itís a 3 step job- First manual Data entry, Secondly OCR (optical character recognition) and lastly converting of the images into in e documents in digital form.
We Capture Data from:
  • Images, techniqual drawings, blueprints, barcodes, grids
  • Text based documents such as printed books or handwritten manuscripts, business cards, instruction manuals, product warranties, index cards
  • Mixed format documents such as credit card statements or bank statements
  • Form based documents such as surveys and application forms
  • Numerical documents such as payroll records, financial statements and time sheets
  • Image based documents such as property details, photographs, graphs, charts
Features of Data Capture Job
  • No selling & no fee for joining
  • No specific deadline, No targets
  • Regular flow of work
  • Legal way of doing using softwares
  • Age no bar
  • Work without leaving your Present Job
The above features will surely attract you to join this job on a definite note. One who desired to take up Data capture job, Dedication should be highest priority. We are here to help the community and world at large. Once you have done with the demo we will make you clear on procedure of job and payments. The more time you spend in work the more you learn the nature of work. What are you waiting for get started today!
Why Datanetjob is the best in data capture services?
At Datanetjob, the techniques used for data capture are pre-tested and quality-approved and which help in providing 100% accuracy. Over the years, we have developed particularly in the art of data capture through flawless integration with a range of customers by providing them high quality services on priority basies.
Datanetjob takes pleasure in providing data capture projects for its esteemed customers. The benefits of our data capture services include:
  • Best quality techniques
  • Unquestionable confidentiality
  • Incomparable prices
  • Short delivery timeframes
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